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Posting Guidelines

Post  Admin on Sat Feb 20, 2010 8:23 am

This forum is a resource in support of Sustainable Loudoun, whose mission statement is;

Sustainable Loudoun promotes the development of a local community economy based on environmental stewardship and the sustainable use of resources.

The forum is open to all who seek to learn more about, and act in support of, the above goals, including residents from surrounding jurisdictions. Please be considerate of others when posting in this forum and please keep in mind that cultural differences may exist. Please also consider your style of writing when posting on this forum, e.g. posts written in upper case or using sms-style abbreviations can be difficult and annoying to read.

Use of offensive language is not permitted on this forum site. Any post which is seen as containing abusive, harassing, trolling, hateful or otherwise inappropriate content will be deleted by the moderators. If a user insists on posting such content, the moderators reserve the right to ban the user from further posting.


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